Young and Free

from by Remi.



I love my country. LOVE IT. I personally live in a world where all my friends accept all shades, sexes, sexual preferences and religions. They’re like this because that’s the Australia we know. A smorgasbord board of all flavours, that makes for one hell of a trip to Sizzler. It’s not until I buy a newspaper, turn on the TV or go online that I am ripped from my beautiful reality and forced into a world of ignorance. This ignorance is cultivated by the media, Parliament House and a fear of the unknown taught to us from an early age. It makes me so sad that with all this opportunity and freedom, people choose to use theirs to oppress others. We are all migrants, we are all guests, and as far as I am concerned, good manners dictates that we step our hospitality game up. Love your fellow man, and woman. - Remi
This track was called "Arp Joint" right until we handed these liner notes in…. cos it was started on the Korg re-make of the vintage "Arp Oddesey". The bass sounds, background pulse stuff (run through a Kaoss Pad), all the arp. Just for fun, I jammed along on the drums to a loop of the bass line, messing round, 3-4 different patterns, NOT to keep for the track, but Rem was feeling the changes, and convinced me to roll with em! Again Silent Jay came thru with the lovely Rhodes chords. Took it to another place.  Thank you again bro, and here's to many more sessions! -Sensible J


from DIVAS & DEMONS, released September 16, 2016
Written by Remi Kolawole, Justin Smith, Alejandro Abapo



all rights reserved


Remi. Melbourne, Australia


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