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My whole life I’ve always been a little different. My skin was always a little darker or a little lighter than the norm. My voice was a little less ’twangy' than my friends, just cause of how my folks spoke. My love of cartoons, artsy shit and dancing was always looked down upon. This year I stopped giving a fuck. Fuck being the same, we’re able to advance and thrive as humans because we are different. However this simple mindset still baffles many small-minded individuals. This is my dedication to them. It’s also a dedication to the press who pick and choose which part of our struggle deserves shine. - Remi
With the main synthy voice sound, I couldn't get it to sound how I wanted it to, straight outta the Korg Z1, so I sampled each note into my MPC, so I could mess with the attack and decays of each hit (boring stuff but if you've read this far, you obviously a beat head! Shout out). Whacked some drums on it, played a live drum roll and crash, some sub bass for the big speakers to vibrate, cos people seem more excited now about low bass… (shout out to trap beats).  Hopefully you nod your head to this. - Sensible J


from DIVAS & DEMONS, released September 16, 2016
Written by Remi Kolawole, Justin Smith



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Remi. Melbourne, Australia


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