Hate You (feat. Baro)

from by Remi.



You know when you've been in your room, 3 maybe 4 days straight, cause you hate everything? When you’re more selfish than you've ever been, not because you want to be, but because you can’t see outside of your own head? When your best friends are sick of being around you, not because they don’t love you, but because they’ve spent the last 6 months doing backflips for you, just to see you smile one time? Well this is that. We don’t talk about depression enough. Partially because we don’t wanna burden others (which you end up doing WAY more when you bottle that shit up), partly because we’re told it’s soft, it’s weak, it’s taboo. Fuck that, so many people I know go through this, it’s past all that shit. Talk before it’s too late. I guess this is my way of getting that out. Much love to my brother Baro for coming through and spitting that Satan fire over my demons. It’s super important to me that Baro is on this joint and not just cause he’s a GOAT. Baro is one of the few people I know with no emotional filter. He could not care less what you think of him, therefore he has no holds laying it all on the line. Whether it’s laying out how much he loves or hates you, or how much he loves or hates himself. He’s an open book, and we can all learn from that. I know I have. - Remi
This probably one of the most 90s sounding beats I’ve done.  Hooked up some drums (couple of kicks and snares layered), some bongo and triangle samples, played some live bass and some flute/piano sound off the Z1 again. Going for that dark, head-noddin shit. - Sensible J


from DIVAS & DEMONS, released September 16, 2016
Written by Remi Kolawole, Justin Smith, Baro Sarka



all rights reserved


Remi. Melbourne, Australia


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